Critical Illness Protection

Critical illness insurance provides you with a direct lump-sum payout benefit if you’re diagnosed with covered illnesses such as cancer, heart attacks, or strokes. The lump-sum helps cover things you may need as a result of being ill — whether it’s medical bills, mortgage payments, groceries, and even childcare.

Who needs Critical Illness Protection?

If being sick has left you and your family struggling financially, you might consider Critical Illness Protection. One of the benefits of the policy is being able to spend the money however you see fit. The policy is here to make your life easier if anything unfortunate were to befall your family.

Before considering the policy, also check:

  • whether you already have some illness insurance combined with another insurance policy like a life insurance policy, or with your mortgage which covers you for serious illness
  • what benefits your employer pays out if you can’t work because of ill-health or disability
  • whether you have savings you can use instead of insurance.